So much to post, so little time!

Friends, I apologize. I’m SO far behind on posting and sharing with you guys…it’s sad.

I’ve been making lots of updates to this site, but lots are behind the scenes, like re-uploading photos that aren’t displaying properly when viewed in different browsers (auto-rotation and Firefox are apparently not a “thing”), creating a brand spankin’ new branded Instagram account and drafting a few posts that I am not QUITE happy with yet.

Those are all excuses, but thought you might be wondering what the heck is going on since my last post is MONTHS ago.

Courtesy of Giphy

Anyway, looking forward to sharing some great new content starting this weekend. I have lots of great places to share with you!


Lisbon & Cascais, Portugal

The Azores, Portugal

Edinburgh, Scotland and the Scottish Highlands

London, Salisbury (Stonehenge) and Bath

Austin, TX

Denver, CO

Valparaiso, Chile

+ more

Thanks for sticking with me and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

photo by: Got Credit

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