Lobster Joint (Brooklyn, New York)

I have an unhealthy addiction to lobster rolls – especially the lobster rolls from the aptly-named Lobster Joint in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

I’ve tried other lobster rolls and they just haven’t delivered the same way that these do. (Sorry, Luke’s Lobster and Urban Lobster Shack – Lobster Joint has my heart here. Not that you’re not great in your own right, but… Lobster Joint). They’re fresh, not overly mayo’d if you opt for the New England version rather than the butter-based Connecticut iteration, full of quality meaty pieces of sweet, juicy lobster and not overdone. Sometimes, simple is best. And these….well, these are the best.

Lobster Joint - clam strips and lobster claw bloody mary

Fried clam strips and lobster claw Bloody Mary

The real delight , though, for me is the

Lobster Joint - lobster roll and fries

New England-style Lobster Roll


famous Lobster Claw Bloody Mary that this place does so beautifully. A sort of salad in its own way, the delightfully-spicy, well-seasoned brunch cocktail that we all know and love has been kicked up a notch with the addition of a plump, fresh, chilled, de-shelled lobster claw. The best part? They have a brunch deal where you get one of the brunch dishes and a Lobster Claw Bloody Mary is included in the deal – for $21. What’s better than that? Not much, folks. Not much at all.  (My only complaint is that the Lobster Rolls are not included in the brunch menu..but you know what is? Lobster Rancheros and Lobster Benedict. Boom.)

Lobster Joint - Lobster Claw Bloody Mary

Lobster Claw Bloody Mary

I highly recommend starting with an order of fried clam strips. They are not rubbery – just perfectly fried, clammy goodness with a tart tartar sauce for dipping and fresh lemon wedges for squeezing and drizzling with lemon juice. The popcorn shrimp is also delicious. I’m slowly working my way through the menu, if you didn’t already guess that 🙂

Lobster Joint also does a sick happy hour where you can get some impressively inexpensive lobster sliders and other seafood fare for cheap – but it’s hard to get there in time unless you work in Brooklyn, get off of work early, or you’re traveling (and not working).

Service is friendly and low-key. Everyone I’ve ever interacted with that works here is actually really laid back and cool. You can sit at the bar if you’re not cool with communal dining, and there’s a big space out back to enjoy when the weather’s agreeable.

Pro-Tip: You order at the register and get a number to bring to your table. You can sit wherever you like. To skip the wait for a drink, sit at the bar and eat there instead.

Finally, check out the list of specials on the chalkboard when you arrive. They normally have a twist on the two types of Lobster Rolls they offer, with the New Hampshire-style lobster roll, which is a butter, chive, and lemon-dressed masterpiece to be salivated over.  Other mouth-watering specials include different crab, shrimp, lobster and even some items for vegetarians and other land-lubbers.

Lobster Joint recently closed its only Manhattan location (in the Lower East Side), but fear not! Its Greenpoint and Rockaway Beach locations (in Brooklyn and Queens, respectively) are still going strong. Rockaway Beach is a seasonal location on the boardwalk and only open from May-September.

They even have a food truck, traveling all over the city – which you can track via their Twitter account here.

How to find Lobster Joint:

You can take the G train to Greenpoint Avenue and walk, or a taxi/Uber from the Vernon Blvd/Jackson Avenue stop on the 7 train. On a nice day, you can walk from LIC or Williamsburg, Brooklyn… but don’t try to walk here from Manhattan. Seriously. Don’t.

Lobster Joint
1073 Manhattan Avenue (between Eagle and DuPont)
Greenpoint, Brooklyn


What do you think of Lobster Joint? Are you partial to the other lobster roll producers in the city? Mermaid Inn? Luke’s Lobster? Pearl Oyster Bar? Mary’s Fish Camp? Ed’s Lobster Bar? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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