About Me

Hi there, I’m Jackie. Thanks for stopping by! Here’s a little bit about me. First, here’s what I look like when I’m picking grapes in a vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina (very specific, I know):

I’m a native New York gal in my mid-30’s who returned to NYC, after living for 7 years in Austin, Texas and Mendoza, Argentina (5 years and 2 years, respectively). I’m an attorney by trade (it pays the bills!). I had the opportunity to live in London during law school and I have an ongoing love affair with that city at an almost unhealthy level. I’m proud to say I’ve lived on 3 continents before my 30th birthday!

What else?

I have a thirst for luxury travel and good wine, probably equally. And good beer. And good spirits and cocktails.

I hunger for history and the best food you can get, wherever you are. Doesn’t need to be expensive – just has to be GOOD! I think Brooklyn’s overrated and Queens is severely underrated.

A sucker for a great deal on a four- or five-star trip, I’m always on the lookout for a luxury property or experience with a smaller-than-usual price tag.  Nothing feels better than scoring a 5-star hotel for less than $200 a night!

I’m a huge foodie who lives for fine dining but can’t turn a Big Mac down, either. Bonus points for a wine or beer pairing.

When I’m not at my desk you can find me exploring my home in NYC, taking a weekend trip, attending an alcohol conference or trade event, or taking an extended international trip whenever possible. I can’t sit still. Maybe one day I’ll settle down in one place.

But today’s not that day.

I started this blog to keep a record of my daily life in Mendoza, Argentina for my friends and family following along at home, and then realized that I really enjoyed it. I love giving friends and family tips on what to see, eat, and do when they’re going on a trip so why not share those things with a wider audience? That’s why I made the decision to make this little blog into something a bit bigger.  I’m always thinking of new things to write about and tackle here at Fish Out of Malbec, so please leave a note or send me a message and let me know if you’d like to see anything in particular, and I’d be happy to help make that happen.

Happy traveling! Cheers!

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