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Where am I off to next? Here are some of my upcoming destinations, below!*

Life is more fun when you have something to look forward to. I find that it’s really important to have a trip to look forward to – it makes trudging through the daily doldrums a little easier. It also opens you up to researching what to see, eat and do in a new, foreign place.

Don’t get me wrong – you don’t need to go somewhere that you need a passport to travel to in order to find something new and exciting. It can be right in your home town!

For example, I do lots of “traveling” at home in NYC whether I’m solo, with my husband, or with friends. Exploring a new neighborhood or type of cuisine and stepping outside your own comfort zone can be enough of a vacation, sometimes!  Maybe I’m spoiled, being in New York and all… but I think you know what I mean!

Vintage Luggage Parmiters Antiques Southsea



Croatia – July 2018

Bring your passport in your carry-on bag

*I’m not independently wealthy, nor do I get any of my travel paid for… so my goal one day is to have this upcoming trips page FULL of fun destinations! Except for now, I’ll need to content myself with whatever I can afford 🙂

Don’t forget – if you have an upcoming trip it’s REALLY important to pack a good carry-on bag! Don’t let your stuff get lost and end up spending half your weekend or week replenishing lost items. It has happened to me in Barcelona and it was just tragic.  Although it’s fun to shop in your destination, it is less fun when it’s mandatory and you need the basics.  See my tips on how to pack your carry-on bag here. 


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