The Top 5 Worst Airplane Passengers

worst airplane passengers

Whether you’re flying for business or traveling on vacation, you’re likely going to encounter people who are just horrible airplane passengers. Here’s my list of the worst airplane passengers, ranked by irritation factor from lowest (#5) to highest (#1). Whether it’s thinking that the rules don’t apply to you, or complete disregard for personal space, you are ruining it for everyone else. If you do any of these things, maybe you don’t realize how much you’re bothering your fellow passengers. But trust me, you’re the worst.

#5 The person who can’t wait to unbuckle their seatbelt the second they land.


You know who you are. The second those rear wheels hit the runway, a chorus of click click click! echoes throughout the cabin. Except the pilot always comes on the loudspeaker and reminds all passengers (yes, that includes YOU!) that you should keep your seatbelt fastened until the plane comes to a complete stop.  Why is this? Well, the plane stops short sometimes. This actually gives me great pleasure because the started “oh!” usually comes from one of you, oh Safety Shunner. Sometimes, you are taxiing for an ungodly amount of time (I’m looking at you, JFK). Sometimes, you have to wait for another plane to move before you can park at the gate. Either way, the flight isn’t over until the pilot says it’s over.

And what is your issue? Is the seatbelt SO uncomfortable that you can’t bear to wear it a second longer? I mean really. You’re not special. Keep your goddamn belt fastened and sit down.

#4 The person who has to stand up and get their bag or go to the bathroom after the plane has boarded/ is about to take off or land.

Unless you’re crapping your pants like an Olympic marathon walker, you can sit there and wait until we’re in the sky like the rest of us. SIT. THE. EFF. DOWN.  I don’t care if you don’t speak English (or Spanish or whatever the flight attendants speak) – don’t play Continue reading

Top 15 Things to Pack in Your Carry-On Bag


Carry-On bag. Hand Luggage. Cabin Baggage. Whatever you call it, losing your luggage just once really gets you thinking about how to pack your carry-on bag so that you aren’t totally screwed when you arrive at your destination. It also makes you realize how little you can travel with and be okay. And it will forever change the way you organize your things when traveling – when that possibility of the airline losing your bag becomes a reality!  You know, so that you don’t get stuck in Barcelona and London for over a week without your suitcase and have to buy all new clothes. Speaking from experience here.

luggage carry-on vintageOf course, the list varies depending on the season. Since we’ve just entered springtime, I thought the most useful list to start with is the Spring edition.  Without further ado – here are my

Top 15 Things to PACK in Your Carry-on Bag: Spring Edition: Continue reading

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Researching Travel: Why My Reviews Are Mostly Great

One concern that’s been tugging at me lately is that it must seem that, since most of my reviews of places (restaurants, bars, hotels, activities) are so positive, I just give everyone really high ratings, regardless of my actual experience. This is NOT the case. Researching travel is an extremely important part of a trip. The answer to why most of my experiences are good-to-great is really simple: I do my research.

This is a stock photo, but I definitely want that notebook.

This is a stock photo, but I definitely want that notebook.

For anyone who knows me in real life, they know that I’m super Type A about a lot of things. That’s one of the best qualities that a lawyer can have. It’s not great for travelers, if you don’t know how to turn off your Type A tendencies sometimes and just go with the flow. But my anal-retentive inclinations, combined with my need to know everything about everything (some might call it a know-it-all?), leads me to research the CRAP out of where I’m going before I actually plan a trip and go there.

I’m not saying you should overschedule your vacations so that you don’t leave any room to deviate from your plans, or spontaneous experiences. I’m not saying that at all. But, with a little research you can make an “alright” vacation into an unforgettable experience – just put in the time beforehand (or even while you’re there) to figure out what you want to see, where you want to eat, and where you want to lay your head at night, and you can minimize any unfortunate surprises when you’re finally on (what’s supposed to be) your relaxing getaway.

So, now that I’ve shared my not-so-secret secret key ingredient to planning, the next question is:

How and where do I do my research?

So glad you asked. Continue reading

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