Travel Discount Codes

It’s struck me lately that many great websites offer travel discount codes and coupon codes to its members and referral bonuses – so why not share the love?

Here are some travel discount codes and coupon codes for sites that I love that I belong to, that signing up will give us both a little somethin’-somethin’ to enjoy!

Betterment – save some money, invest in your travels! Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or saving for retirement, it’s a great idea to start now.

Fabletics – sign up as a VIP and get your first outfit for $25. I’ll get a $10 credit and you will get a $10 credit for everyone who you invite, too. It’s a win-win. Free to join and skip a month if you’re knee-deep in athleisure swag.

Honey – my favorite browser plugin, this app/product is FREE and saves you time Googling discount codes when you’re checking out during online shopping. It seriously has saved me money nearly every time I shop! Clicking this link will get you signed up and starting to save, and I’ll get a $5 credit for referring you. You refer your friends, and get $5 when they sign up, too. Seriously, do it.

Jetsetter – luxury travel never felt so good. Use this link and referral code to get 5%, and I get some credit, too. Then pay it forward by introducing your friends!

Loungebuddy – Use this app to figure out how to buy or get into airport lounges around the world with credit cards and rewards programs you already have, or how much money it’ll take to get you into a posh world of relaxation between flights! Perfect for long layovers. Use this code: 219WgAO2mH and get $10 credit (I get $10, too).

Lyft – Get $50 in credits toward free rides wherever Lyft operates!

Rent the Runway – Special occasion during your travels, destination wedding or a night on the town and nothing to wear? I used RTR to cover my own wedding after-party gown and loved it! Get $30 off your first order and I’ll get the same by signing up with this link.

Thinx – maybe it’s not cool to talk about, but every gal who has “that time of the month” should get a pair o’ these amazing undies. A savior on a long flight if you’re in the window seat and your row-mates are dead asleep! (sorrynotsorry)  Get a $10 credit, give a $10 credit.

Uber – Get some free rides and help me to continue traveling around, too. Uber saved us in Santiago, Chile – so worth having!