Restaurant Review – Aramburu

L and I went to two of the best meals we’ve ever had, within 3 days in Buenos Aires during our trip.

Thanks to recommendations from friends, we checked out both Astrid & Gastón and Aramburu. (Update: Astrid & Gastón was TERRIBLE the second time we went, months later, and has since closed!)

We ate at Aramburu second but I want to write about it first, because I’m lazy and who knows if I’ll ever get around to writing about Astrid & Gastón?

First off, it’s on a little street in San Telmo with no sign on the outside, with shutters or blinds concealing most of the windows, and very low lighting. Our cab drove right past it on the way to the place. We then proceeded to back up down the one-way street and find it.

The interior is beautiful. Exposed Continue reading

Restaurant Review – Molokai (Mendoza, Argentina)

I went to Molokai with a friend about a month ago, and I wanted to rave a little bit about it because it was such a nice surprise here in Mendoza. And I have a blog, so rave I will. I’ve been eating at some great places lately, so there are going to be a few posts like this in quick succession. Be prepared.

The food at Molokai is really, really good – and not traditional Argentine either. It’s molecular gastronomy without getting a little too weird about it, if that makes sense. Everything has a foam on top of it, but it’s not overdone or too bold.

The place itself is cool; trendy but not uncomfortable, and a unique setting compared to the same old yellow-tablecloth cafeteria-lighting restaurants they have here in spades.

I think it’s a pretty great deal for the money because the portions are huge and for dinner for 2, it was about $350 pesos including 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and a bottle of wine.

We tried the salmon foccaccia and the pear and roquefort salads for appetizers. They were both huge and really tasty. My friend and I both commented that we’d be happy with just those dishes as our whole meal, if not at least for a lunch.
For entrees, I got the Hungarian goulash, which was pretty awesome considering the spaetzle was perfect and the beef was Argentine beef. My friend had the bife de chorizo with croquettes.

Basically, the food was awesome and the place is really cool, so I’m excited to go back again soon. It’s located at Belgrano 1169, between Espejo and Sarmiento (I think???) in the city center.

Open Monday to Saturday from 8pm to 1:30am.

Update: I think Molokai is now closed. Please leave a comment if I am wrong!

Asado with special guests.

So it’s been a while since my last update.

I went to a family Sunday asado a few weekends ago (April 3 to be exact) near Rivadavia I think it was. Anyway, it was south somewhere, past Lujan on the way to Tunuyán. This random guy just opens his little farm to anyone who wants to barbecue there for the weekend and take their ATVs out for a spin on these crazy dirt hills next door (assuming it’s on his property too).

We show up to the asado and my friend’s dog is barking and going nuts. I think it’s because of the other dogs around. Then… she goes “oh yeah he’s going nuts because of the llama.”

Excuse me?

That’s right. The llama. There were 2 of them  – a white one and a black one. Just hanging out, roaming around the property. Hanging out in the lemon grove. Being llamas.

Also guests of our little asado were horses, roosters, hens, geese, ducks, pigs, cows (yeah I felt bad about that one), donkeys, mules, and goats… just hanging out, roaming around, crapping everywhere. Making me feel bad for eating their tasty friends.

It was a really fun day – didn’t get to ride the ATVs although I was offered – it looked a little too hardcore for me. But the asado was great and I got to meet my friends’ family, which is always a cool experience.

The Best. Steak. EVAR.

Ok, so coming from Texas and New York, I’ve had some great steaks in my lifetime. I’ve been to some of the best steakhouses in the US, and I have my favorites, but I think I have found my favorite steak in the world.

Here it is, in all its splendor. The Bife de chorizo at Don Mario’s :

Big deal, a hunk of meat. Right? Wrong. Upon further examination, it is awesome.

I still haven’t been to Francis Mallman’s place here, but I’m thinking this will be hard to top.