La Mere Valletta

Eating Indian Curry in Malta at La Mère (Valletta, Malta)

La Mère restaurant (“The Mother”) in Valletta, Malta was recommended to me by a friend whose brother lives in Malta after I asked my Facebook friends whether they had any suggestions on where to eat lunch on the island.  We checked out the website and ended up adding a lunch here as a registry item on our Honeyfund. Our friends ended up purchasing it for us as a wedding gift and it was fantastic!

This eclectic food haven is a bit difficult to find and is located in the middle of the walled city a few blocks tucked away from the more crowded, touristy areas. Admittedly, it took us a bit of wandering, iPhone map usage and some bickering to find this place.  We showed up right before they opened  for lunch, which was lucky because we were STARVING, hot, and ready to eat some spicy food.

La Mere Valletta Malta

A welcoming entrée…

We stepped inside into an adorable little restaurant adorned with jewel-toned glass lamps and lanterns with wooden tables and bright colored accents throughout. Continue reading

La Maltija

La Maltija (Paceville/St. Julian’s, Malta)

My husband and I heard about La Maltija in Paceville/St. Julians, Malta, from our hotel concierge at the Hilton Malta, who recommended it to us when we asked for a traditional Maltese restaurant. We had expected something maybe a bit more provincial, and were pleasantly surprised by this rustic, but refined, yet cozy space only a few blocks down the road.

By the way, Paceville is pronounced more like “pacha-veal” than “pace ville”. Just in case you were wondering.

There is a good deal of outdoor dining space, but the weather being as beautiful as it was, we found that we could only eat without waiting for a table if we sat at an inside table.

It was sweltering hot for the first half of our meal, in the back room of the restaurant where we were seated, because this Russian/Eastern European family had complained before we arrived that they were cold so the air conditioning was turned off. However, as soon as they left, our server turned the air on and it became paradise. While it could be considered a minus, I admired the staff’s dedication to pleasing their customers (even if it meant we were not as comfortable at first…)
La Maltija

Awesome tablecloths.

Temperature concerns aside, our server (I don’t recall her name but she was blonde, on the tall side, and spoke several languages) was excellent and helped us decide on our entrees and even made a few suggestions to help us create our perfect meal. Continue reading
Hilton Malta - Pool

Get Your Sleep On – Hilton Malta (St. Julian’s, Malta)

My husband and I spent the first leg of our honeymoon at the Hilton Malta, a luxury property situated in St. Julian’s Bay, Malta, and I could not be more pleased with our decision to stay here! We had looked at several other hotels on Malta and, after reading reviews, decided to cancel another reservation and book here instead. While the other property we were looking at was very nice, I think it’s the best decision we could have made.

Pro-Tip: Get a room in the newer part of the hotel and upgrade to Executive Level. It’s worth it.


Apart from a beautiful Executive King room in the new part of the hotel (Room #1158), what made our stay so special was Continue reading

In Vino Veritas – San Pier Wine Bar Cafe (Mdina, Malta)

My husband and I happened upon the San Pier Wine Bar Café, tucked away in one of the ancient bastions of the city wall of Mdina, Malta during our honeymoon… and I’m so glad we did.
San Pier Wine Bar Cafe
Entrance – photo courtesy of the San Pier Wine Bar Café Facebook Page – Used with permission
Joanna Stellini, the daughter in the Stellini family, who own and operate the place, greeted us cheerfully and plopped down what was a very reasonably priced drink list on our high-top cocktail table, as well as a food menu, just in case we felt peckish.  After reviewing the offerings on the list, we enlisted Joanna’s help picking the perfect glasses of wine to enjoy before dinner.
Since we indicated we would like to try a local offering, she recommended a delicious Maltese red. Aptly named Medina, the young 2013 blend (Syrah, Carignan and Grenache) usually popular in the French Languedoc region and in Catalonia in Spain (where Grenache is, of course, known as Garnacha…those pesky Spanish with their special Spanish grape names!) is made by the Emmanuel Delicata Family winery. It was a beautiful Continue reading

Pic of the Day – Gozo, Malta

We signed up for a boat tour on the island of Malta during our honeymoon, which included stops for snorkeling off the coast of Gozo (one of the other islands of the nation of Malta), a stop at the Blue Lagoon, and some lunch onboard. We really enjoyed the tour, even though we ditched the boat and took an amazing speedboat ride back to the Sliema Harbor (more on that later). Here’s one of the shots from that day, from my iPhone:

Gozo, Malta

Date Taken: October 17, 2014
Location: Somewhere off the coast of Gozo, Malta

With highs in the 40’s Fahrenheit this week, you could say I’ve got Malta on my mind.

The Doorknobs and Doorways of Mdina, Malta

We spent an afternoon wandering the streets of the Silent City (Mdina, Malta) between our day of sightseeing and our evening dinner, just getting lost in the winding, narrow medieval streets.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the beautiful, mostly religion-themed and marine-themed door décor in the beautiful hilltop medieval city of Mdina.



What are YOUR favorite doorknobs and doorways of Mdina, Malta? Tell me/show me in a comment!